Clans are the clubs of eSports

Clans are the clubs of eSports

A clan usually has different teams that compete in different disciplines (or games) at 22Bet. This can be compared to FC Bayern Munich, for example, which is very successful in basketball and chess, among other things, in addition to soccer. Other parallels, such as the ownership of a clubhouse, a training room, full-time administrative staff, social commitment and annual budgets in the millions, can also be found in professional clans.

What is still despised in many places in soccer, however, is commonplace in the e-sports scene, namely the existence of factory teams. Companies like computer manufacturer Acer, computer store Alternate or the Korean Samsung have long since recognized the advertising potential and run successful factory teams in e-sports.



As was reported in the media just a few months ago, VfL Wolfsburg signed up two pro gamers. You don’t have to guess for long in which discipline they will compete – Of course, it’s soccer in the form of FIFA. With this, VfL dared a courageous step and will now officially participate in tournaments of the ESL (Electronic Sports League) and in the virtual Bundesliga of Electronic Arts (developer and publisher of FIFA). One can assume that this is the future and, at least for the game FIFA, more and more classic soccer clubs will enter e-sports. Even Hertha did this a few years ago and the Wolves will certainly not be the last team of this kind.


Even though FIFA as a sports game is of course predestined to be an important discipline in e-sports, there are far more important games where there is a larger audience and, above all, higher prize money. In the following, we will now go into five games and present them briefly, but we would like to point out that this list is not complete and that there are other interesting games or disciplines besides FIFA.

Esports Games – StarCraft 2

Esports Games - StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 is a real-time strategy game from 2010, distributed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the successor to StarCraft from 1998 and is thematically set in science fiction. Real-time strategy means that actions have to be taken by the players in real time, which means that, unlike turn-based strategy games, quick action and reaction speed is required. StarCraft 2 can be played in 1 vs. 1 as well as a match in which two teams compete against each other.

Each player or team chooses one of three different races, each of which has its own characteristics. The goal of the game is to defeat the opponent by eliminating his base or combat units. To achieve this, first each party expands its army with different units, which are “produced” in different buildings. However, these buildings have to be built first, which requires raw materials that have to be mined in advance. As soon as the player feels built up strong enough, he dares to advance on the opponent’s base, who ideally has a suitable answer for it. These aspects alone require a basic tactical concept, which, however, becomes even more complex thanks to different values and attributes for the individual units.

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